WISE In-House Training

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WISE In-House Training

The Sensible Solution to Staff Training

Our courses train you and your employees in the principles of the Hubbard® Management System and give you the knowledge and skill to create and successfully manage a business or career. An entire team trained on the Hubbard Management System puts everyone on the same page.

Company, Corporate and CEO’s Circle levels of WISE membership allow one to deliver courses based on Hubbard Management System right in your own company. Through this self-paced instruction method with its unique training tools, employees can gain a full understanding of the course materials and become able to apply on the job what they have studied.

Training Courses

Below is a list of the Hubbard Management System courses which can be delivered on-site to employees or (with the proper license from WISE) as consulting services to clients. The course packs may be purchased from our on-line store as reference material to hone your skills or when setting up an on-site employee training program.

  •   Improving Business through Communication
  •   Formulas for Business Success
  •   Management by Statistics
  •   How to Increase Efficiency in Your Company
  •   Ethics for Business Survival
  •   How to Effectively Handle Work
  •   Study Skills for Life
  •   Learning How to Learn
  •   How to Use a Dictionary
  •   Grammar and Communication
  •   Basic Study Manual
  •   How to Get Things Done
  •   Executive Basics
  •   Model of Admin Know-How
  •   How to Achieve Effective Learning
  •   How to Evaluate and Predict Human Behavior
  •   Public Relations
  •   Surveys
  •   Basic Organization
  •   Marketing
  •   How to Increase Profits through Proper Financial Planning
  •   How to Write Effective Company Policy
  •   How to Expand Your Company by Making Planning Become Actuality
  •   Effective Leadership
  •   Ups and Downs in Life
  •   Personal Values and Integrity
  •   How to Get Along with Others

In addition to these courses we have the following short lessons (approximate and average 3-4 hours each). These lessons are conducted by getting 2 students twinned up with each other and getting through some practical exercises together in order to drill in the theory information and then put the theory into practical use. The topics we have lessons for are as follows:


  •   An Introduction to Public Relations
  •   The Missing Ingredient
  •   Easing Human Relations
  •   How to Reach Your Public
  •   Causing PR
  •   Building Goodwill


  •   How to Achieve your Goals – an Introduction
  •   Achieving Goals Using Policy
  •   Achieving Goals Using Plans
  •   Achieving Goals Using Programs & Projects
  •   Achieving Goals Using Valuable Final Products
  •   Achieving Goals Using Statistics
  •   Achieving Goals Using Ideal Scenes


  •   Affinity, Reality, Communication – the Component Parts of Understanding
  •   Flourish and Prosper
  •   How to Build a Productive Team
  •   How to Make Your Strategy a Reality
  •   Increasing Your Ability to Effectively Work
  •   The Natural Law of Personal Success
  •   How to Thrive in any Economy


  •   How to Successfully Organize Anything
  •   Organizational Misunderstoods – How to Prevent Trouble at Work
  •   Marketing Essentials: Assuming a Viewpoint

In-house training is popular for two reasons:

a) it is effective, and
b) it is economical

The costs are:

An annual WISE membership (Company, Corporate or CEO’s Circle)

The course materials for each employee.

And, as there is no limit to the number of employees who can study these courses, a business owner can train literally hundreds of staff on 50 courses available — all under one annual WISE membership.

Company Trainer

Our Company Trainer programme enables you to select an employee to train on the procedures and techniques to deliver courses. After a short period of instruction, your employee can deliver all of our Hubbard Management System courses on-site to you and your employees.


  • “Happiness could be said to be the overcoming of not unknowable obstacles toward a known and desirable goal."
    L. Ron Hubbard
  • “Greatness does not stem from savage wars or being known. It stems from being true to one’s own decency, from going on helping others whatever they do or think or say and despite all savage acts against one; to persevere without changing one’s basic attitude toward man.”
    L. Ron Hubbard
  • “In all great leaders there is a purpose and intensity which is unmistakable. Plus there is a certain amount of courage required in a leader.”
    L. Ron Hubbard