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For some years now, with the correct implementation of organization, hatting & finance policies we have been able to have a good reserves cushion that has allowed us to "weather any storm" and come out of it stronger.
The staff have stability and security. They know that if they wear their hats and produce what is expected of them, they not only feel proud but also know that they are really part of a winning team and that the company's performance is dependent upon them.

Philip Park
Founder, Professional Career Services

The Hubbard® Management System is there for myself as an executive to be able to be more exterior to the business and be able to do a lot of other ventures and be able to concentrate on my personal Goals, do things for the family, and so on. It’s always good to keep these programmes in as business is a living and growing thing and the programmes help to maintain its growth and keep it expanding.

Di Woodley
Holdit Marketing & Manufacturing

It feels very comfortable to have the Hubbard Management System in and we would be very proud to invite anyone in to see our office. It is a perfect example of a small business to see how effective these Systems are and how much order it brings to a business.

Jean Gonsalves
Actionwise International

The application of the programs of the Model of Admin Know-How has had tremendous results:

1. After the first year of implementing the Model of Admin Know How programmes, our turnover increased by 50%.

2. We have managed to get a five star grading from the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa, which rates our establishment against criteria for the hospitality and special events industry. Hayward's Safaris is the first and only mobile facility (in the world) which has been graded as Five Star superior. We have achieved this for 5 years in a row now.

3. Our focused attention on the training of staff increased the stability and professionalism of our delivery by 50% at least.

4. We have managed to stabilise our organization with well intended and productive staff.

5. By applying the Finance Policies, this organization has no creditors, and has managed to increase its assets to ensure higher quality of the delivery of our services. Even with the current fall of World Economic Trends, the organization is well positioned to expand into the future.

The improvement that is visible by applying the programs of the Model of Admin Know-How, is most definitely recognized by staff. One of them reports: “Working at Hayward's is like being at a rehabilitation centre. Because of this System I stopped smoking. I also stopped a lot of bad habits I used to have. I'm now applying conditions to my life and I've learned so much here. This company stabilised my life and my post at Hayward's because of the application of the Hubbard Management System”.

Celia du Preez
Deputy Camp Commander
Hayward Safari Events and Expeditions

If it wasn’t for the Model of Admin Know-How programs, the amount of environmental bric-a-brac that constantly hits one’s lines (such as “Eskom”, telephone lines being stolen, new staff members, etc.) we would not have made it. In his book: The Problems of Work, L Ron Hubbard talks about the stable data and the confusion. The Admin Know-how programmes ARE that stable data for our business.

Richard Veal
Holdit Marketing & Manufacturing

I personally and my business had been insolvent (ie spending more than we earned) for over a decade. There was no solution to this problem and no end in sight. In January 2011 I decided to start implementing the Hubbard Management System into my business. With very basic parts of the System I started to reverse the dwindling spiral. First I found myself applying the System without putting it on paper but I started to be aware of how the business was doing one month to the next, and had the statistics and was applying formulas to them “in my head”. In less than a year by applying the simple policy of: “earn more than you spend” ruthlessly I managed to get myself out of debt personally and my business as well.
We became solvent in a few months and remained that way just applying a few key Hubbard Management System principles.
About five month ago WISE Africa started working with us to get the admin programs fully implemented into our business. We have now implemented all of the programmes. Our finance department is now operating on a purchase order system. All inter-office communication is done in writing through a fully operational communications system. All our statistics are displayed and we are applying formulas to them. We have a fully functional and displayed organizing board. Our Admin library is complete and being used. Most of our staff and I are participating in further training.
Putting in these programmes has given me more time in the day. I get a lot more done. The office space is orderly and runs smoothly. The staff are happy. Our cash -bills graph is in affluence.
The actual implementation of the programme is not difficult and can be done very quickly. It becomes part of the business and if correctly applied you will find that no extra effort is needed to keep it running. It's a highly workable system and has indeed taken us from insolvency to solvency and it has been and will remain a privilege to use this wonderful system.
Thanks to WISE for assisting in this regard and to L. Ron Hubbard for this management system!

Victor Lopes
Exec Director - JKNV Energy

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