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Being A WISE Member has Benefits

WISE membership benefits, tools and services increase one’s understanding of and ability to apply the Hubbard® Management System. They are also designed to assist one in the broad dissemination of these solutions to others.

These benefits and services are detailed in the pages to follow.

Events & Conventions

WISE International and its offices stage major conventions throughout the year. These conventions provide members in-depth briefings on the latest dissemination campaigns, new materials and products. They include roundtable conferences where the membership can exchange successful actions and make proposals to WISE officers and executives.

WISE conventions and events revitalize and boost attendees, offering workable solutions which can rapidly be applied, as well as opportunities for attendees to network and plan local activities.

International Directory Service

WISE membership is an opportunity to meet like-minded professionals of all walks of life and not just in your community. To help our members connect up, we provide the WISE International Business Directory.

This is the definitive guide to business people who use Hubbard management technology. All members are listed in the WISE Business Directory and receive a copy. Members may provide a concise description of their company or themselves to include in their listing and may also advertise their services or products.

Magazines & Newsletters

PROSPERITY is the official magazine of WISE. First issued in 1979, it has been providing members a window on all activities of the membership for a quarter of century. Be it WISE members meeting with the President at the White House or disseminating L. Ron Hubbard’s administrative works at the Kremlin before the Iron Curtain fell — PROSPERITY has been there to record it.

As PROSPERITY is a membership publication, contributions from members are welcome — we have many openings for PROSPERITY magazine correspondents.

WISE also issues frequent newsletters to brief on local good news, successes, events and the like.

Yearly Planner

Every WISE member receives a yearly planner that is filled with Hubbard management articles, tools for day to day use, easy reference to everything one may need to solve problems in business.

This planner is available in hardcopy and on-line version.

Policy Help Desk

This service guides you to the exact Hubbard management principle or technique you need.

There are more than 2,500 articles and policies in L. Ron Hubbard’s organizational and management library. To help you pinpoint the precise technique or policy to implement in your career or company, WISE offers the Policy Help Desk — a toll-free direct line to highly trained WISE staff.

So whether you’re in a jam or you’re not sure which policy to use, the WISE Policy Help Desk team is available. Here you’ll find friendly staff ready to service you with no long waiting times.

We’re open 7 days a week, 9 am to 11 pm (Sunday 1pm to 10pm).

You can e-mail us at any time and have a response, either the same or next day.

The Policy Help Desk is available to any business owner, executive, employee or single professional who is a member of WISE.

You can email the policy help desk (local) or email WISE International directly.

Alternatively, if you need something urgently you can call the WISE Africa Office on 076 660 8483, or the direct line to WISE International: (001) 323 960 3540.


WISE licenses all use of the Hubbard Management System in the business world. In fact this is the highest benefit of membership in WISE.

A WISE license authorizes one to promote, sell and deliver Hubbard Management System services — it is the gateway to one of the most rewarding careers in business. Through licensing one can deliver one-on-one consulting, seminars, training programmes and also develop and sell properties based on L. Ron Hubbard’s administrative works.

Anyone seeking a career disseminating Hubbard Management System can apply for a license with WISE.

In addition to licensing professionals, WISE provides materials, aids and services which both foster up-and-coming consultants and expand the services of existing licensed consultants.

Dispute Resolution

Business, by its very nature, involves partnerships and agreements. It is these bonds and agreements which are the foundation of much growth and success. At times however, these relationships sour and disputes ensue; often quite explosive, they can crash production and consume those involved. The Standard Dispute Resolution service (an ADR, Alternative Dispute Resolution service) provides a swift, fair and inexpensive means of resolving conflicts and disputes in the workplace.

Using unique mediation procedures based exclusively on principles developed by L. Ron Hubbard, a dispute handler is able to get to the root cause of a dispute, thereby opening the door to resolution. WISE member dispute resolution services are provided by Charter members of WISE, trained WISE members specially appointed to deliver this service to members.

Your nearest WISE office can answer any questions you have or help you schedule a dispute handling if the need arises.

WISE Issue Authority Services

The Hubbard Management System can be applied to any number of different industries, fields and activities through all manner of media (such as video, books, websites, courses, promotional items). WISE provides a service to help create, produce and distribute materials and products which quote from the works of L. Ron Hubbard or use related trademarks.

Examples of this service could be: a WISE member who wishes to place a Hubbard Management System article in the monthly journal of his field or profession; another wants to create a book on how the Hubbard Management System / procedures apply to a specific field or profession; while another wishes to have a section featuring the Hubbard Management System on his company website. All of these examples and more would be approved through the WISE Issue Authority Line.

The WISE Issue Authority Line ensures these products properly quote from the original text, are professional in appearance and reflect the integrity and workability of the technology they promote.

This line ensures products are properly copyrighted and trademarked so the technology itself remains protected.

To find out more about the WISE Issue Authority Line, contact your nearest WISE office +2776 660 8483.

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  • “The ideal group member is capable of working causatively in full cooperation with his fellows in the achievement of group goals and the realization of his own happiness.”
    L. Ron Hubbard
  • “Anything for which the individual feels any misemotion — antagonism, anger, fear, apathy — is something for which he has not accepted responsibility; and there is misemotion only when an individual refuses to accept responsibility in that sphere of action. He can control anything for which he has accepted the full responsibility. He is unable to control that for which he has not accepted responsibility.”
    L. Ron Hubbard
  • “There’s no obstacle that cannot be overcome. There are obstacles – but there’s no obstacle that cannot be overcome. What is wrong there is that the individual doesn’t go about overcoming them properly.”
    L. Ron Hubbard