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Business ConsultingA Corporate Membership is typically for business owners with more than 20 employees, however many business owners with less staff opt to become Corporate members so as to take advantage of the full range of courses delivered at this level.


To create a highly successful, expanding organization by implementing the Hubbard® Management System.


  •   A WISE Corporate Membership card and pin
  •   The WISE Membership Guidebook
  •   The Model of Admin Know-How Workbook
  •   May deliver 27 courses* based on L. Ron Hubbard’s principles to employees via an on-site training program
  •   Access to the WISE Membership Support Service
  •   Access to local and international events and conventions
  •   Access to the WISE Policy Help Desk
  •   Use of the WISE Issue Authority line to gain approval of items which contain L. Ron Hubbard’s works
  •   Listing in the WISE International Business Directory
  •   Issues of PROSPERITY magazine (the WISE membership magazine), as well as other membership periodicals
  •   The right to use (in accordance with the membership agreements) the term WISE and the Lioness & Cubs logo to signify membership in WISE
  •   The opportunity to play a key role in forwarding the Hubbard Management System in one’s local community

* Deliverable Courses

These courses may be delivered via an on-site training programme.

  •   Improving Business through Communication
  •   Formulas for Business Success
  •   Management by Statistics
  •   How to Increase Efficiency in Your Company
  •   Ethics for Business Survival
  •   How to Effectively Handle Work
  •   Study Skills for Life
  •   Learning How to Learn
  •   How to Use a Dictionary
  •   Grammar and Communication
  •   Basic Study Manual
  •   How to Get Things Done
  •   Executive Basics
  •   Model of Admin Know-How

  •   How to Achieve Effective Learning
  •   How to Evaluate and Predict Human Behavior
  •   Public Relations
  •   Surveys
  •   Basic Organization
  •   Marketing
  •   How to Increase Profits through Proper Financial Planning
  •   How to Write Effective Company Policy
  •   How to Expand Your Company by Making Planning Become Actuality
  •   Effective Leadership
  •   Ups and Downs in Life
  •   Personal Values and Integrity
  •   How to Get Along with Others

Annual membership fee: R 21 000

Decide To become a Member today!

Become a Corporate Member today!


  • “Dreams, goals, ambitions – these are the stuff man uses for fuel.”
    L. Ron Hubbard | Book: Handbook for Preclears
  • “Future is the creation of a future illusion and the working toward that illusion to make it a reality.”
    L. Ron Hubbard | The Route to Infinity Lectures
  • “All the happiness you ever find lies in you.”
    L. Ron Hubbard | A New Slant in Life