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Business ConsultingGeneral Membership is for professionals and business owners with few or no employees.


To provide immediate tools to implement the Hubbard® Management System into one’s career or business.


  •   A WISE General Membership card and pin
  •   The WISE Membership Guidebook
  •   The Model of Admin Know-How Workbook
  •   Access to the Policy Help Desk
  •   Access to the WISE Membership Support Service
  •   Access to local and international events and conventions
  •   Access to the Standard Dispute Resolution Service
  •   Listing in the WISE International Business Directory
  •   Issues of PROSPERITY magazine (the WISE membership magazine), as well as other membership periodicals
  •   Use of the WISE Issue Authority Service to gain approval on items which contain the Hubbard Management System
  •   The right to use (in accordance with the membership agreements) the term WISE and the WISE Lioness & Cubs logo to signify membership in WISE
  •   The opportunity to play a key role in forwarding the Hubbard Management System in one’s local community

Annual membership fee: R 1 750

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  • "If one remains level, one tends to contract. If one contracts, one’s chances of survival diminish.
    Therefore there is only one chance left and that, for an organization, is expansion."
    L. Ron Hubbard
  • "If you yourself are willing to generate a new game in your society or community, that game need only have more action, more appeal and more problems to beat out every other game being played in the community. And if that’s a sane game, you’ll then have a sane community."
    L. Ron Hubbard
  • "You don’t play for your own pleasure! Any time you start playing for your own pleasure, or living for your own pleasure, you’ve stopped living. And you also, oddly enough, stop playing. Because here’s something else that’s terrific: your ability is just as good as you believe you can produce an effect and it is as good as the amount of distance you believe you can reach to. You get that?"
    L. Ron Hubbard